Bird Islands  
A tour to the "bird islands" near the village Cayo Quemado is worthwhile particularly in the early morning hours or in the dusk.  At these hours hundreds of cormorants and herons are still and ready for photos as they are resting or sleeping on thmangrove trees.


  The red mangro (Rhizophora)  

Directly before the door of the Restaurant El Manglar are several lagoons you can explore by canoe or boat. On these excursions you will discover and learn about the local flora and fauna that inhabits the mangroves and in particular those of Cayo Quemado. You might see otters, cormorants, turtles, varieties of fish or perhaps even a manatee.


  Hot water springs  
Near “El Manglar” is a hot water spring called ´agua caliente´ located in the nearby village of Barra Lampara.   There you will enjoy a hot water spring bath or you can take a guided tour of the rainforest in the company of one of the local guides who will also show you two caves that contain archaeological remains of Maya culture.
  agua caliente